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Pregnant belly

Support Auntie Angie's House

Since the fire, we are happy to let you know that we have a temporary facility located in the Historic West End District that can accommodate up to four pregnant women at this time.
Here are the many ways that you can support mothers and babies at Auntie Angie's House. 

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Make a Small Monthly Contribution:

We're just getting started, and care for the woman and babies at Auntie Angie's House will need constant and continual support on a monthly basis. With a small monthly contribution of $5 dollars or month you can save a life and change a life.


Make a Purchase from CHARLIS Beauty:

The CHARLÍS Brand Mission is to empower women and support and protect children from abuse and harm. With every purchase, a portion goes to Auntie Angie's House.

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Local Community Partner:

Auntie Angie's House is proud to partner with local community businesses, schools, organizations, churches and Government agencies to provide training, education and needed resources to residents of our program. To become a community partner, click below.

Filling Out a Form

Become an Auntie:

Here's the truth. Women and children need our mental, spiritual, and financial support, mentorship, and guidance. We are looking for QUALIFIED women to provide all the above. If you're interested in becoming an Auntie to New Life and a sister to a woman in need, click below:

Help Mothers and Babies

  • $5 Monthly

    Every month
  • $10 Monthly

    Every month
  • $25 Monthly

    Every month
  • $50 Monthly

    Every month
  • $100 Monthly

    Every month
  • $200 Monthly

    Every month
  • $250 Monthly

    Every month
  • $500 Monthly

    Every month
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