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We Have A New Location!

Our two-bedroom, one-bath Safe Haven in Atlanta currently houses six residents, but with over 40 women and children on our waiting list, we urgently need your help to expand.

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The founder of Auntie Angie’s house and president of the American King Foundation, a 501(c)(3), Angela Stanton-King, is no stranger to the feeling of desperation mixed with hope during a pregnancy.


She is known worldwide for serving time in prison with an unplanned pregnancy. Although facing hardship she chose Life and gave birth to her child while chained to a bed with a sheriff watching. After spending years serving her community under the watchful eye of her godmother, Evangelist Alveda King, the niece of the late Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Angela later received a full unconditional pardon from President Donald J. Trump, and he made it illegal to chain incarcerated women during childbirth. 


Angela has never forgotten her own experience. Her journey brought her to this moment, a beacon of light and hope for other women with nowhere to turn, chained to their circumstances, undereducated, in poverty, and told abortion is the only answer.


Angela has a history is ministering to woman with an unplanned pregnancy and is now considered godmother to 68 babies who she had a hand in being born and not aborted.


Auntie Angie


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Auntie Angie's

Auntie Angie's House is dedicated to eradicating the Black Maternal Health Crisis. We provide pregnant women in need or facing a crisis with housing, training, and essential resources. Our comprehensive support includes:

  • A Nurturing Home Environment: We offer a stable home environment and nutritious meals. Our "house meals" promote a sense of family unity.

  • Maternity and Infant Supplies: We provide vital maternity and infant supplies through our program.

  • Personalized Mentorship: Weekly one-on-one mentor sessions with our dedicated staff offer guidance and encouragement.

  • Transportation Assistance: We offer approved transportation to professional appointments, ensuring access to essential care.

  • Dedicated Support: Our full-time staff provides unwavering support, encouragement, and accountability.

  • Empowering Life Skills: Our residents gain valuable life skills through courses on childbirth, nutrition, budgeting, entrepreneurship, and parenting.

  • Community Connections: We connect residents to community agencies and programs, including adoption counseling, job training, counseling, and low-cost housing.

  • Educational Opportunities: Access high school equivalency and vocational training programs to build a brighter future.

  • Navigating State Programs: We help residents navigate state programs, including health insurance, daycare subsidies, food stamps, child support, and cash assistance.

  • Spiritual Growth: Explore spiritual growth through weekly bible studies and church services (attendance encouraged).

At Auntie Angie's House, we're more than shelter – we're a lifeline for expectant mothers, dedicated to creating healthier futures for all. Join us in our mission to eradicate the Black Maternal Health Crisis.

Over 70% of planned parenthood centers are in black communities.

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