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Our Mission

Our mission is to eradicate the Black Maternal Health Crisis through research, advocacy, support, education, and awareness. At Auntie Angie's house, we provided housing, training, and resources to pregnant women in need or facing a crisis.

Expectations & Guidelines


     • Over 18 years of age, new mothers or currently pregnant with certified results from doctor. Pregnancy test required upon entry. 

  • All Applicants must pass background check. Prior charges and convictions will not exclude you from program.

     • No Smoking, Vaping or Alcohol allowed in home.

     • This a drug free facility no drugs are allowed on the property.

     • Willing to abide by expectations in the Resident’s Manual (Betterment physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally: Signing up with professional advocate classes in the community, taking classes provided in the home, working on weekly goals, attending church services and devotions.)

     • Continual (large and small) daily action schedule to betterment their lives and their children/babies and take correction when necessary.  

     • Willingness to progress in the program and apply themselves. The mothers can quit the program at anytime (within a 24 hr notice for a proper checkout). If they do choose to leave they cannot return. If a mother leaves without consent and proper approval, they are agreeing to leave the program at that time. They can also be dismissed from the program by the Administration at any time, if the mother breaks guidelines or requirements set to help and protect the babies, mothers and any personnel on the property as well as the mother and her child. 


     • No visitors to protect all women in the home.  




  • A stable home environment and nutritious food, the mothers will also learn to cook for themselves and others in the home during “house meals”, creating a time to sit and eat as a family unit.

  • Maternity and infant supplies will be provided through the program.

  • Weekly, one-on-one mentor sessions with our Auntie Angie’s House staff

  • Transportation to professional appointments (must be approved, no personal trips)

  • Support, encouragement, and accountability by full-time staff

  • Life skills courses on topics such as childbirth, nutrition, budgeting, entrepreneurship and parenting

  • Referrals to community agencies/programs including adoption counseling, job training, professional counseling, and low-cost housing.

  • Access to education programs including high school equivalency and vocational training.

  • Knowledge of state programs including health insurance, day care subsidies, food stamps, child support, and cash assistance

  • An opportunity for spiritual growth through weekly bible studies and church services. Attending is required.

What We Provide?

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